A Clean Sweep: Everything you need to know about Microdermabrasion

If you have a layer of dead skin cells sitting on your face, none of the great serums or moisturizers you have in your skincare arsenal can do their job. They can’t penetrate the build up + damage.

What exactly is Microdermabrasion?

It’s a non-invasive painless procedure that super exfoliates your skin, removing a layer of dead skin cells. With this layer gone, your skin places these cells with new, healthier cells leaving your skin softer and bright. Your skin cells have a natural cycle of turnover, Microdermabrasion just speeds it up!

How does it work?

We use the latest wet/dry technology from Bio-Therapeutics. It is a next generation machine that is like a tiny sandblaster + vacuum rolled into one. Your skin is buffed and polished with a a stream of fine crystals + as the dead skin cells are blasted off , they are vacuumed up. We are able to control the flow + power of the crystals and the suction with our expertise.

Will I need to leave with a paper bag over my head? Will it hurt?

No! This 30 minute treatment is quick + effective but not aggressive or uncomfortable. Some people say it feels like the slight scratchiness of a cat’s young licking you:)

You may be slightly rosy after the treatment, but nothing that would prevent you from going back to work or to an engagement. The treatment gives your skin healthy stimulation + any flushing calms quickly. Clients report seeing an immediate improvement + like the healthy glow.

Who should get Microdermabrasion?

We often recommend it to clients who are concerned with texture, sun damage + hyper pigmentation.It is great for age management because it stimulates the blood flow which in turn increases cell production, improves elasticity , reducing lines, wrinkles + thickening collagen.

As with all types of exfoliation, it can help unlock clogged pores but it also helps dry skin produce more of what it needs.

A series of 6 - 8 treatments, once every two weeks is the protocol for the best results, but a 30 minute treatment any time is great between regular facials.

What can I expect after treatment?

Smoother, softer, glowing skin. Your treatment will reveal a fresh layer of skin cells + you will see and feel the difference.

Pore detoxing: your treatment will help purge debris that has been trapped below a buildup of dead skin cells. You may see few or no breakouts, they will not linger.

Slightly drier skin: some clients report minor flaking, but if you are generous with moisturizer for the next few days your skin will recover quickly and the added moisture will actually keep you from breaking out.

Any thing special I will need to do after treatment?

In addition to moisturizing like a maniac, sunscreen is an absolute must. Some very youthful skin cells are now on the surface of your skin + need to be protected. And of course drinking lots of water will keep those fresh skin cells hydrated from the inside out.

For “extra credit” use a hydrating mask or balm at night. We love the Nightly Balm from Laurel Skin + the Wine Hydrating Mask from ARCONA.


Avoid lengthily sun exposure ( major beach or pool time) for 3 - 5 days.

Don’t exfoliate for 3 days. You don’t need to!

Avoid waxing or laser treatments for 3-5 days.

Avoid products with retinol, AHA/BHA acids + VitaminC for 3 -5 day

Priscilla Delgado