Slow Beauty Mastered


Laurel Shaffer is a Slow Beauty, farm to face master.

We are so grateful to partner with Laurel Skin + Laurel herself. This founder + maker is beautiful inside + out. She is a teacher + inspiration to us. Her depth of knowledge + commitment to clean beauty is nothing short of awe inspiring. Her entire team is truly a pleasure to work with.

Julie Cartano, sales specialist + training expert is someone we cannot wait to see walk into Supple. She brings with her, years of experience + expertise as an esthetician + spa manager. Her passion for Laurel Skin is palpable + we learn so much from her. Plus she is so much fun + has the best laugh ever!

Laurel Skin is pure plant medicine for your skin. We use it ourselves + we use it in our treatment rooms every day. We see the direct effect it has on skin. It is no surprise that Supple has many loyal Laurel clients. The Healing Balm alone has a cult following!

Laurel Skin is a local line, made in the Laurel studio in Sausalito. Almost every ingredient used in Laurel products are sourced from Northern California farms where Laurel has built personal relationships with the farmers. Can’t get much better or more local than that!

“We are awakening to the truth about where our food comes from + by extension, where our skincare comes from. Like the food we eat, the most beneficial skincare is made with raw, organic, farm sourced, handcrafted ingredients.”

Laurel’s path to becoming a plant communicator + skincare formulator has been a winding one. As a sommelier she was naturally connected to the the terroir where grapes were grown. Her experience in farming, spa + mindful wellness made it possible to live her life as a slow beauty advocate + become the creator of farm-based, hyper-localized spa rituals + formulas. Her own curiosity + health journey drew her to natural beauty + holistic health practices.

It became Laurel’s life’s mission to create the kind of products she wanted herself; products that harnessed the efficacy of authentic vibrant plant medicine, that were thoughtfully made by hand with real farmed ingredients.

Supple is a beneficiary of Laurel’s efforts, because Laurel Skin was created with estheticians + spas in mind. It offers the complexity to support custom, result driven facials, yet it is intuitive enough for our clients to use at home. It invites Slow Beauty + rituals that can take years off your mind, body, spirit + skin.

As the heart .+ soul of Laurel Skin, this tells you something about Laurel:

“I believe love is the most powerful healing tool available. I love what I do + feel so lucky to get to share the science, efficacy + most importantly the heart of plants with others. I see myself as a connector of people + plants + the purpose that fills my heart. I love my adorable + spoiled dogs , my husband + my family. I love farms, food, nature, wine + music. My favorite days are spent in nature; redwoods, wild flowers + an ocean breeze are such gifts to love. If I could make a balanced diet out of French wines, French cheeses + cold pressed green juices, I would.”

You can see why we fell in love with this founder, formulator + friend. We would love to share the gifts of Laurel Skin with you.

Priscilla Delgado