Supple Now + Then


When Supple opened it’s doors on Hopkins Street in Berkeley just before Thanksgiving in 2004, it was vision of our beloved founder, Alison Evans, that brought it to life.

A few years earlier while on a world tour with her musician husband, Alison was dashing into every apothecary + scooping up armfuls of innovative skincare while others were visiting museums.

This new found obsession blossomed into the creation of Supple Berkeley . Supple’s pink apothecary cross became a beacon for revitalizing holistic treatments + skincare in the Northbrae neighborhood.

Seven years later, the East Coast was calling + Alison was Cape Cod bound. She approached us, as her longtime friends + fellow Cape Cod folk, to take over what she had begun. As a Mother + Daughter team, we became the new owners of Supple Berkeley in 2011. We continue to collaborate with our Supple Sister, Alison, coast to coast on all things Supple + look forward to our visits with her on the Cape.


Alison now owns + operates Supple Apothecary in beautiful Orleans, Massachusetts. The cozy, grey shingled cottage has become a part of the fabric of an evolving pastoral community + is a must see stop on every Cape Cod visit. Now lovingly referred to as the Skincare Guru of the Sandbar, Alison continues to bring innovation + her own personal style to the Cape as both a curator + esthetician.

“There is a feeling of excitement when you stumble upon something that has quality + integrity but also approachability + ease. Sourcing products + treatments are both personal for me. I mainly rely on instincts + experience. When you’re being true to yourself, people respond positively + that is the best place to be.”

Back in California, 7 years after taking over on Hopkins Street, it was time for us to make some more changes at Supple. We moved from Berkeley to the emerging retail hub of Lower Solano Avenue in Albany. We have taken the best of Supple with us + are expanding on what Alison began 14 years ago. Look for our new pink sign + apothecary cross that hail our new mission: Supple Skincare + Selfcare + Sanctuary.

At 1009 Solano we will continue to offer our holistic treatments along with the best of Green Beauty + Lifestyle goods. We have expanded our treatment rooms from 1 to 3 (ay!) to offer greater flexibility + easier booking. We are also expanding our concept + wellness offerings.

Supple will continue to be a welcoming place where people can come + explore self-care rituals in a relaxed setting. With the launch of our Wellness Salon Series, we are inviting our neighbors, friends + clients to grow + learn with us.

Starting in November will be offering hands-on workshops where we can tap into our creativity + share some fun. We hope you will come + see us at Supple on Solano, see our new space + new offerings.

And should your travels take you East, be sure to stop into Supple Apothecary + say hello to Alison.

Here’s to honoring our past + forging new beginnings!

Priscilla Delgado