About Us



Fiona is the Supple Calmness Queen. One client calls this skin soother “Kitten Paws” because her touch is so relaxing.

With her youthful look + endearing demeanor clients are often surprised to find out that Fiona is a seasoned skin therapist who has honed her skills for more than 8 years.

A Bay Area native, she returned to California after attending High School + college on the East Coast, to enroll at The Cinta Aveda Institute in San Francisco where she studied Aesthetics.

Early on, Fiona knew that skin was her thing + once she was on the skincare path, she never looked back. After becoming a licensed esthetician in 2011, she continued her professional development with ongoing education. She is an Certified Acne Specialist, a Bio-Therapeutic Therapist,  a Skincare Advocate for Impact Melanoma as well as a member of Associated Skincare Professionals.

As co- owner of Supple, Fiona is always ready to help you with your skincare concerns. She loves to share what she has learned + teach clients how to put their best face forward.

“I love to help people feel better about their skin . When I see their skin improve, I feel like I have done something special. I have had struggles with my own skin, so I really get it when someone’s skin is challenging them. I am honest with my recommendations but I am not going to push clients into purchasing products or treatments. I am excited if after a treatment, a client not only feels + looks better, but has also learned something about their skin.” 

When not at Supple, Fiona loves nothing better than the beach. A true mermaid (but one who always wears her sunscreen!) she heeds the siren call of Cape Cod + Mexico whenever she can. 



As half of the Supple Mother-Daughter Team, Priscilla purchased Supple in 2011 from her longtime friend + skincare guru Alison Evans, as Fiona was finishing her esthetician studies.

A Massachusetts native, Priscilla came to California after college where she met her husband Anthony. Together they raised their daughters Theresa + Fiona on both coasts.

Before Priscilla owned Supple, her only skincare concerns were her own! Under Alison’s tutelage she learned that the pricey department store brands she had been using were not doing a thing for her complexion. She quickly became a devotee of Supple’s clean + effective skincare + began her holistic skincare education.

She is grateful for her Supple journey + the opportunity to share it with her daughter. She has seen the world of beauty + wellness meld over the past eight years as the Green Beauty movement has exploded. She is proud that Supple was on the clean + green forefront when it opened in 2004 + continues to be a Bay Area standard bearer.

Acting as Supple’s all around ambassador Priscilla loves working with clients, attending professional trainings, collaborating with brand makers, planning events + workshops.

“ I want Supple to be a relaxed, inviting space where everyone feels welcomed. We live in a busy place + people have such busy lives. Supple offers a place where people can slow down + take a bit of time to find nourishing ways to take care of themselves. We encourage exploring, connecting + taking care of yourself. Everyone deserves that.”

When Priscilla is not at Supple’s she may be volunteering or working on a creative project. Or she may have slipped away to spend time at her home on Cape Cod.



Our lively + lovely Denista is a native of Bulgaria. As a young woman she arrived in California in 2007, where she became a U.S. citizen in 2015. Growing up in a culture very connected to nature, she always was passionate about wellness + holistic living. Her path to becoming a skincare professional was inevitable.

Denitsa worked at Supple’s front desk while she studied at The Cinta Aveda Institute in San Francisco. After graduating + becoming a Licensed Esthetician, she began working in our treatment room. We are so grateful to have her as a part of our Supple team. Her positive energy + enthusiasm is contagious!

Denitsa looks for every opportunity to improve her craft + eagerly pursues continuing education. Attending classes at The Advanced Institute For Aesthetics, she has earned certification in Lymphatic Drainage Massage. She has participated in advanced training classes + retreats including; Laurel Skin, ARCONA, 5YINA + SkinCeuticals. She is a member of a local networking group.

Anyone who has experienced a facial treatment with Denitsa knows that she is all about connection + giving. In her capable hands, you will have her complete attention + you can trust that she truly wants to help you achieve your skincare goals.

“The quality of my life depends on the quality of my service. It is my greatest pleasure to work with my clients meeting their needs + serving them with the best possible care.”

When Denitsa is not at Supple you will find her at a Yoga, Pilates or Meditation class. She loves fashion, crafting, travel + skiing.




If you have met Kam, you have experienced her warm + engaging style. You may have noticed her great smile + dimples too!

Kameron is a gifted Massage Therapist + we are grateful to have her bring her talent to our treatment room. She is committed + dedicated to her faithful devotees at Supple. Because she is so caring + attentive in her work, her clients quickly learn to trust her healing instincts.

A Southern California Native, who found her heart in the Bay Area, Kam grew up giving massages to her Mom + Grandparents, intuitively knowing that there was something helpful about giving and receiving touch. A true nurturer, her Grandfather still reminds her that she has “a gifted touch.”

As a graduate of The National Holistic Institute School of Massage, she has worked both in clinical + private settings.

If you are looking for a massage therapist who will take the time to listen + find the best individualized approach to your body’s needs, she’s your gal. Her goals are your goals, whether it is to live with less pain + tension, increase your range of motion or to simply have the chance to relax.

“Just like we take care of our cars, we must do the same for our bodies. I want to facilitate healing, help nurture, condition + restore the body. I want my clients to leave feeling so much better than when they walk in!”

Outside of Supple Kameron loves hiking, travel, taking fitness classes, dancing + playing the drums.







What treatment should I choose?

We  know that it can be confusing to know what is the best treatment for you. Rest assured, we can guide you.

 If you are not sure what is right for you, please email or call us and we will help you choose. Upon arrival you will check in with your therapist . After listening to you + your current concerns she will make sure the treatment you receive will suit your current needs.

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED Light Therapy is a pain free, non-invasive, soothing + rejuvenating skin treatment. Delivered by light emitting diodes, LED was originally developed by NASA as a way to heal wounds + stimulate plant growth in space.

Light therapy works like photosynthesis, the process by which plants absorb light from the sun + convert it to energy. Just like plants, our skin absorbs the energy of beneficial light + converts it into energy. LED light therapy delivers therapeutic, UV-free light rays that energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural process to build new proteins + regenerate cells. Light therapy provides the energy for cells to do their job at peak performance.

For pain management + treating inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema + psoriasis LED Light Therapy reduces inflammation + increases circulation. Medically, LED is currently used in the treatment of cancer patients, including pediatric patients, diabetes + patients with autoimmune diseases. There is no downtime + no risk of unwanted side effects. A progressive, rather than aggressive, approach resistance is built over time.

For Age Management, LED stimulates the anti-aging process helping to improve skin tone + clarity. The natural biochemical reaction triggers the body to convert light into cell energy, increasing collagen + elastin production, increase circulation + oxygen flow while releasing toxins.

In treating Acne, LED has powerful anti-bacterial properties that reaches deep within the dermis to destroy the p-acne bacteria which causes breakouts. In addition to purifying skin, it helps to normalize oil production + shrink blemishes + help with post inflammatory scarring.

There is no downtime or limit to the number of treatments you can receive. LED Light Therapy works progressively delivering skin correction + healing with each additional treatment. A single session is a great “pick me up” best for optimum results a series of treatments are offered in 15 or 30 minute increments. A series of treatments can be purchased as a package deal.

Most clients find it relaxing, comfortable + enjoy the benefits from this healing light which energizes cells deep within the dermis. Studies have shown that additional benefits of LED Light Therapy to offer increased relaxation + improved mood!

Not an appropriate treatment if :

  • You are using prescription strength Retinols

  • You are taking medication that increases photosensitivity.

  • You are Epileptic.

  • You are pregnant.

  • You have recently had chemical peels

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion  is a powerful + effective skin smoothing treatment. We use the newest wet/dry technology that is effective but not irritating. Biobrasion Trinity exfoliates the outer layers of the skin to slough off dead skin cell build-up + damage. It will soften fine lines, reduce sun damage, pore size + improve texture. The dramatic result is fresher, younger looking skin a noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines.

Not recommended if:

  • You are pregnant.

  • You have moderate Rosacea.

  • You have severe acne.

  • You have HIV, Hepatitis or Herpes.

  • You are using prescription strength Retinols

  • You are an insulin dependent diabetic.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a traditional healing technique from China. We use a Rose Quartz Gua Sha tools, which are smooth hand held paddles that gently massage facial facia muscles + stimulate energy points. This massage technique encourages healthy circulation, lymphatic drainage + releases muscle tension. The skin looks brighter, healthier, less puffy + more lifted.

  • Not recommended for areas of the face that have been treated with Botox or Fillers

What is you return policy?

Product integrity + safety is very important to us. You may return items within 10 days of purchase for a full refund if products are sealed, unopened, unused. They must be accompanied by your receipt. We cannot accept products that have been opened or used.


Giving Back 


We believe that the universe is exceedingly generous. When a farmer sows one seed, it is tended, watered + produces thousands of seeds. Supple believes in watering the seeds of our community. We know that by being in the flow of abundance, whatever we give, comes back to us many fold. 

A few of the local organizations we support:

The Albany Education Fund

Everything begins with education + Albany schools are important to us. A.E.F. supports the children, teachers + schools in our community. Established more than 20 years ago by Sally Outis, this nonprofit organization continues it’s dedication to maintaining the quality of Albany’s Schools, making them even stronger by providing additional resources for programs + classrooms.

Supple is a Sustaining Donor of A.E.F.

Okizu Camp

Kids with cancer + their families have the opportunity to  experience summer camp + s’mores in Northern California at Okizu Camp. At camp kids rediscover that they are kids, not just cancer patients. There is no charge for Okizu Camp, a place where friends abound, courage + hope are plentiful. It is a special place for respite, healing + fun.

Supple sends a family to Camp + contributes to Okiizu’s annual fundraising gala.

Charlotte Maxwell Clinic

For 25 years the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic in Oakland has provided complimentary care for low income and underserved Bay Area women with cancer. By providing  alternative therapies in Massage, Acupuncture, Guided Imagery, Body Movement, Nutritional, Herbal and Exercise therapies, they care for women as they undergo mainstream cancer treatment, all at no cost for the women they serve.

Supple is a Platinum Supporter of The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic.