Our practitioners are passionate about what they do + you can trust their skilled hands with every treatment on our Supple menu.

From Facials, LED Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion, Waxing, add-on enhancements to Massage + B12LOVE we promise to deliver the best + safest results with care.

Our estheticians are skin therapists who will tailor each facial to address your specific concerns. High quality + non-toxic products are used in every facial for curative + detoxifying results. No generic products are ever substituted.

Our comfortable treatment rooms, relaxing massage, hot towels + heated beds invite you to relax + renew while achieving your skincare + self-care goals.  

We invite you to explore your path to wellness through massage to relieve stress + tension by encouraging your body’s natural healing while in the hands of our expert massage therapist.



The Supple

60 minutes for $105.

A facial to purify, hydrate + revitalize your skin using Laurel Skin 100% pure whole plant organics. You will leave with your skin refreshed + ready to be seen.

Includes, neck, hand + arm massage.

Enhance your facial with an exfoliating peel. Add-on for 15.

Recommended for all skin types.


The Bespoke

60 minutes for $125.

In our specialty ARCONA facial a custom cocktail of papaya, pineapple + grapefruit or pumpkin is blended into a mask prepared for your skin’s specific needs.

These fruit enzymes break down dead skin cells + rapidly regenerate new skin cells to reveal clarified, healthy, stronger + polished skin.

Includes extractions, neck , arm + hand massage.

Recommended for all skin types.


The Deep Cleanse

75 minutes for $130.

This ARCONA treatment will detoxify + restore balance to congested skin + targets pore clarification. Naturally active double exfoliation is followed by a deeply hydrating + nourishing mask.

Special time and attention is given to extractions, but we do not skimp on pampering massage.

Recommended for those concerned with congestion and pore clarification.


The Brightening 

60 minutes  for $135.

Our ARCONA focus facial begins with a mandarin brightening peel followed by a customized organic mask using kojic+ lactic acids to brighten + refine your skin. 

You will see a noticeable difference. Includes neck, arm + neck massage.

Highly recommended for hyper-pigmentation, sun damage + acne scarring.


The Holistic

75 minutes for $150.

An abundant harvest of three customized masks in our exclusive Laurel Skin protocol uses 100% organic products to nourish, hydrate + regenerate your skin with pure plant medicine.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha facial massage is used for lymphatic stimulation to plump + lift skin for extra luminosity. Hand, arm + neck massage included.

Highly recommended for deep relaxation + next-level hydration boost. Perfect for Moms To Be + New Moms.


The age manager

75 minutes for $150.

A reparative SkinCeuticals facial offering an innovative approach to Age Management.

Ideal for sun damaged, dehydrated + dull looking skin. A custom cosmeceutical grade peel deeply exfoliates to prepare skin for a double dose of Vitamin C.

Micro Current technology + LED Light Therapy work together to stimulate collagen regeneration + turn back the clock.

Recommended for those concerned with fine lines, wrinkles + the signs of aging.


The Indulgence

120 minutes for $250.

Take two hours out of life as you know it + indulge in this luxe four part package ; a completely customized facial, décolletage treatment plus head massage + back treatment.

Lavish massage throughout will leave you thoroughly renewed, relaxed + rejuvenated.

Recommended for those seeking a special pampering experience.


The Back

30 minutes for $75.

An ultimate cleanse for this easily congested + hard to reach area.

Complete cleansing, exfoliation + extractions are followed with hydrating back, neck and shoulder massage.

May be added to any facial treatment.


The Glow Getter Package

Nothing will do more for your complexion than getting a facial every 4 to 6 weeks.

Create your own package deal by choosing 5 of your favorite treatments + receive the 6th with our compliments.


Acne Treatments

Not all acne is the same, so we will treat yours with a protocol specifically designed to address your particular needs. Treating acne successfully requires thoughtful attention, experience + skill from from a trained professional. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than working with clients to achieve the clear skin they are dreaming of.

Before treatment begins, our Certified Acne Specialist begins with a thorough skin analysis , a discussion of your history with acne + your current skin regimen. Your treatment will conclude with a customized plan to help you control your acne, so that it will no longer control you.


The Acne S.O.S

75 minutes for $150.

A curative, results driven SkinCeuticals facial protocol includes a cosmeceutical grade peel combined with LED Light Therapy to arrest bacteria, heal inflammation + help prevent breakouts and scarring. Special attention is given to extractions.

A series of treatments may be recommended for best results.


S.O.S Follow-up Facial

45 minutes for $105.
Series of six of $500.

A follow-up SkinCeuticals protocol . We recommend a total of 6 follow-up treatments , every 2-3 weeks for best results.

An acne peel + LED Light Therapy work together to decrease inflammation + kill bacteria.

Only available after consultation with our Certified Acne Specialist or a previous S.O.S. Treatment. 


The Teen

45 minutes for $85.

A facial specifically designed to address the needs of adolescent skin. You will leave with cleansed + balanced skin plus suggestions for maintaining a healthy complexion at home.

Extractions based upon necessity + comfort level.

Recommended for first time facials + for those under 18.




Bio-Trinity Treatment

30 minutes for $100.

If your goal is for powerful, quick results this treatment is for you. We use advanced next-generation technology from Bio-Therapeutics

Bio-Trinity Wet/Dry Microdermabrasion provides effective yet gentle exfoliation to slough off the unwanted build-up + damage.  Learn more about Bio-Trinity here.

Designed for comfort with superior results, your skin will be vibrant + visibly smoother.

For optimum results, 6 - 12 sessions are recommended 2 weeks apart. May be purchased as a package



Brow shape $30.

Brow clean-up $25.

Lip or Chin $15.

Cheeks $20.

Full Arm $45.

Half  Arm                       $35.

Underarm $30.

Full Leg $70.

Half Leg $40.

Bikini $40.

Extended Bikini $70.


B12 Love


Single Injection $30.
B Cocktail Injections + package deals are available.

Every Tuesday we host The Healthiest Happy Hour In The Neighborhood in partnership with B12 Love.

A Naturopathic service administered by a Doctor making B12 injections available to all. Get an extra boost of energy or address specific issues with a custom cocktal.

No appointment necessary. Every Tuesday from 4 - 7pm.




LED Light Therapy

15 minutes for $30.
30 minutes for $60.

LED Light Therapy is a pain free, non-invasive soothing, rejuvenating treatment used for Age Management , treating Acne, Rosacea + inflammatory conditions.

Learn more about LED here. Can be added on to any facial that does not already include LED.


5YINA Divine Mask

add - on for $35.

This bio-cellulose mask from 5YINA lives up to it’s name. Applied with jade roller facial massage, a synergistic complex of skin plumping holistic herbs + peptides work together to firm + brighten the skin leaving it visibly hydrated + luminous.

Perfect for a special occasion or any day you want to look especially divine. May be added to most facials.


Eye Love

add-on for $25.

Designed to reduce puffiness, dark circles + fine lines, this nourishing treatment hydrates + brightens the delicate area around your eyes.,



add-on for $35.

Extend your facial for even more velvety soft + smooth skin on the often neglected + sun exposed upper chest. Your décolletage will receive the same treatment as your face.

Finished with Guiying Décolletage Treatment, a luxe balm especially created to treat this delicate area from 5YINA.


Head Massage

add on for $25.

Feel your stress disappear with the healing touch of massage + aromatherapy.


Make-up Detox 

15 minutes for $15.

If “you are what you apply”, wearing toxic makeup on your face all day, you will not give you the healthy complexion you want.

We have carefully curated the best in Green Beauty brands; Ilia, Kosas, Spela + Kari Gran. Let us help you to detox your makeup + find the perfect match for your face, eyes, cheeks + lips.

When you purchase more than $30 of products, the $15 consultation fee is applied to your purchase.



Explore your path to wellness through massage. Encourage your body’s natural healing, build positive pathways that encourage freedom in the body by relieving tension + stress. 

Every session is individually crafted with regard to technique, pressure, as well as the focus of the work, based upon your specific + changing needs.


The Supple

60 minutes for $95.
75 minutes for $115.

Classic Swedish technique is used in soothing, relaxing bodywork to decrease stress levels in the body, relieve aches + pains, improve circulation+ increase flexibility.


The Deep Tissue

75 minutes for $110.
90 minutes for $130.
Two hours for $175.

Deep tissue body work relieves tension + stress by penetrating the deeper layer of tissue in the body + overworked muscles. Highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions + past lingering injuries.


The Hot Stone

75 minutes for $130.

Heated basalt river rocks are placed on key energy points and used in flowing massage. Muscles that are heated with stones release tension + stress much more quickly. A deeply relaxing + muscle melting massage.


The Mama

75 minutes for $120.
90 minutes for $140.

Designed for the comfort of Mothers To Be + New Moms while delivering the benefits of relaxation + stress relief. Before baby relieve weight bearing tension, increase circulation + reduce swelling while relaxing yourself + baby too. Massage will soothe stretched tissue + promote better sleep.

Can be purchased as a package for prenatal and postpartum treatment.


The Holistic Journey

Two hours for $220.

A holistic, healing + harmonious massage that will calm and soothe your nervous system while promoting deep relaxation and profound release of tension. A completely customized treatment that incorporates all the benefits of lavish flowing massage, deep tissue work, hot towels, heated basalt river rocks + the ancient art of aromatherapy. Indulge in a two hour transformative experience.


Enhancements For Massage


Healing Stones

Add on for $20.

Add the grounding earth element of radiant heat to any massage. Increased blood flow draws out toxins, oxygenates + brings nutrients to targeted areas.



Add on for $15.

Experience the ancient are of combining sense of smell + touch to promote wellbeing. Essential oils are used in massage to reduce stress, increase energy + induce relaxation.