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Supple shelves are lined with coveted skincare, non-toxic cosmetics, artisanal fragrance, accessories + lifestyle goods that are hand picked to be safe, effective + luxurious. We invite you to come in + explore .

We choose to carry brands whose makers genuinely care about our shared mission + whose authentic stories reflect own. Meet our makers, founders + brands.


Laurel Skin

Slow beauty mastered with patience + intention.

Laurel Skin is 100% whole plant organic skin care created by the pioneer of slow beauty. It is a ritualistic range of flower + herb based skincare, formulated with incredibly sourced, highly vibrant whole plants picked at their peak for unmatched transparency, purity + results. Laurel’s first + most critical relationship is with the land. Her exclusive partnerships with local artisan farmers ensures the highest quality. Their commitment to only 100% raw, organics + unrefined plant materials guarantees unparalleled freshness + efficacy. Laurel believes beauty should be a loving self-care practice that begins + ends with mindfulness. Everything is handmade in her studio in Sausalito. Laurel is a local treasure. We are grateful to call her our friend + use her exclusive protocols + products in our treatment rooms.



Traditional Wisdom + Modern Alchemy.

Ervina Wu + Angela Chau are the founders + formulators of 5YINA. Both are trained acupuncturists + practitioners of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) who believe that wellness + beauty are inherently intertwined. They believe that by being in tune with nature, we cultivate optimal self-healing + vitality. By integrating the wisdom of Chinese Medicine + modern science, they are on a mission to create a skincare collection that is efficacious, intelligently formulated beautiful to use.  5YINA skincare harnesses the potency of adaptogenic botanicals with modern research to stabilize + enhance the skin’s resilience against pollution, environmental stress + seasonal changes. These two collaborators are both practitioners of TCM. 5YINA is  made locally in Richmond, CA. 



Color, fragrance + consistency don’t change your skin. Live, active ingredients do.

ARCONA skincare began with a woman named Arcona from L.A. who started it all. Today the business remains dedicated to her + her vision under the leadership of Chanel Janae, owner, product formulator + esthetician. Arcona was clean + green before her time, a true pioneer of Green Beauty. Chanel remains committed to using the finest quality, pure + powerful ingredients in this botanical skincare range is known + respected for their ability to make a positive change to the skin. Infused with cosmeceutical grade ingredients, the products smell good enough to eat, although we don’t recommend it. We have partnered with ARCONA since the beginning of Supple + we are proud to be among the select spas that offer their protocols in our treatments.



I created Pai for people like me; people with sensitive skin.

Out of the blue, founder Sarah Browne’s usually calm skin became irritated, hyper-sensitive + acne-prone. Trying to keep it under control was a daily battle + finding products that did not contain problem ingredients was really challenging. She created Pai as a way of taking back control after reaching a dead-end with a bathroom cabinet full of products that were irritating her skin. Pai is everything she wanted as a customer; skincare made with effective, organic ingredients +no nonsense marketing.  Sometimes you can’t find what you want in your own backyard and we had to hop over the pond for this London based skincare range. A British brand through + through, they borrowed the Maori word “pai” meaning goodness  for their company. That pretty much sums Pai up. We love their beautiful packaging + we love what is inside even more.


Indie Lee

Grounded in nature, supported through science + inspired by life.

Before she became a skincare goddess, Indie Lee began life’s journey as Lisa. She was a planner with 2 kids + 2 dogs. She had a greenhouse + grew edible flowers for Whole Foods. In 2008 she was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor + with that came her great awakening. Always careful about what she ate, she realized that she had not been careful about what she put onto her skin, her body’s largest organ. After her surgery + recovery she set out to bring clean beauty products to market that did not sacrifice safety, but still delivered performance. Indie Lee was born and her brand represents her commitment to living a cleaner lifestyle + to empower others to be mindful about what they put on their skin. Go Indie! #beautyisanindsidejob.



When products are made by hand, with love, you will feel it.

Like many founders + formulators, Leah’s skincare journey began 13 years ago with her own struggle with severe cystic acne. On a quest for healing, fate led her to Spa Luna a holistic education school on the Island of Maui. The year she spent there changed her life. Inspired, spirited + intent she set off to create a line of skincare that would transform a daily skincare routine into a healing ritual. Made with fresh Hawaiian nectars, potent + vibrant botanical actives + luxurious beauty oils, Leahlani Skincare takes you by the hand into pure serenity + sensory bliss. As a certified holistic skincare expert, licensed esthetician + botanical alchemist, Leah packs her products with healing power in her Kwaui studio. We love it when  their packages come to our shores so we can open them up + put some mermaid kisses onto our shelves. 



Prevent. Correct. Prevent. Advanced Skincare backed by science.

It is easy to forget that a clinical line like SkinCeuticals was developed by human hands, in this case those of Dr. Sheldon Pinnell. An internationally imminent scientist + Professor of Dermatology at Duke University Dr. Pinnell was the founding scientist behind SkinCeuticals. His research into the biology of collagen in the skin, demonstrated the critical role of VitaminC in skincare. He  changed the face of anti-aging with his award winning formulations. Today, his legacy continues; SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic remains the powerhouse of antioxidant serums + takes top beauty awards year after year. SkinCeuticals specific protocols + professional products let us provide the best results possible for age management  + clinical acne conditions in our treatment rooms. Incorporating these products into an at home regimen helps our clients to have the healthiest skin possible. Thank you Dr. Pinnell.